Dessert Menu

  • Apfelstrudel

    Apple Strudel

    Thin sheets of pastry rolled around fresh apples and nuts served with French vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

  • Ice Cream Sundae

    Ice Cream Sundae

    Your choice of French vanilla, cinnamon, or chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and sauce of your choice.

  • Salzburger Nockerln

    Salzburger Nockerln

    Legend tells us that when there is a festival celebrated in heaven, this is the dessert that is served. Similar to a huge soufflé baked over mixed forest berries, Salzburger Nockerln is a celebration by itself. Made for a minimum of 2 persons

  • New York Cheesecake

    Cheese Cake

    Homemade cheesecake served with your choice of sauce.

  • German Choclate Cake

    German Choclate Cake

    A rich dark chocolate cake with roasted coconut and glazed with ganache.